Maytag - brand that has established itself as a friend for GATOR

For all the 100-year history Maytag has been producing the most reliable and dependable appliance. They are making different products to facilitate householding. This is only one specialization of Maytag. And they are doing their job well.
Reliability is the main feature of Maytag appliance. Washers, dryers and all the amount of kitchen tech were made to serve at least 10 years. And our goal as the repair service is to make Maytag appliance working again for a long time. This is possible because all parts of washers, dryers, refrigerators, ovens, filters and another appliance are dependable. Maytag products have no vulnerabilities and can keep working for a long time.
Maytag is a highly specialized brand. All their attention is involved in the kitchen and home solutions. It’s the reason why they are making the most dependable appliance. Also, their products are really popular in all the North America because of reliability. But time can destroy everything and to repair it – is our job.

Gator - Maytag Appliance Repair Service

Maytag home and kitchen appliance were made by professionals and have to be fixed by professionals too. That’s why have experienced techs who have been working for years. But not only this is making us unique.
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Original factory parts. Gator Appliance Repair Service is working jointly with manufacturers. It means that we got an original part of every oven, refrigerator, washer and every kind of appliance. Using original parts is only the one way to repair Maytag products properly and give you a warranty.
90-day warranty. We are sure you won’t return to us with a dishwasher or microwave that we have repaired. We are providing service and repair properly. So everything we repaired will keep working because our goal is to make it as close to factory conditions as it possible.
Clear pricing system. We, Appliance Repair Gator, don’t want our client to pay for the time we spent. You pay only for parts and work. And this price is repaired.




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Types of Maytag Household Appliances