Today’s washing machines are not like the good old units at your mom’s house. Throw anything in and it will get it done, for the next 25 years.

Today’s Units are more sensitive because of energy efficiency, they are not as strong. Sensitive to Overloading, Over use of detergent.

Placement and Installation is extremely important as well. Front Load units should only be installed on a concrete slab (Garage or Basement).

For Best Performance and Clean Results

When filling your unit with clothing. Fill it to about half a drum, anything over that is Overloading. Separate your fabrics: Heavy with Heavy and Light with Light. When washing heavy items like jeans or towels, do them in pairs 2 4 6 8. The machine will balance the load much easier.

Whenever your are Overloading PLEASE ALWAYS REMEMBER TO REDUCE YOUR FINAL SPIN SPEED. People think more soap, cleaner clothing. This is not the case, if using HE detergent product is 2x 3x times more concentrated. Start with two yes two table spoons. You will save money on detergent and on costly repairs. No comforters ( max Twin Size), No rugs, No Bathroom rugs, No Pet beds, No sneakers.

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